Ministry Team

Our church members currently participate in serving church according to God’s call and their spiritual gifts as follows:

Word Ministry (Preaching & Teaching) Team:

Ps GJ Song, Ps Haydn Roberts, Ken Weller, Ann Roberts & Ps Paul Choi

Worship Team:

Anne Lewis & Junus Pan (CIC)

Intercession & Hospitality Team:

Ji-Hee Lee

Pastoral Visiting Team:

Colin Woolls, Anne Roberts, Mary Daunter & Ps Haydn Roberts

Prophetic Ministry Team:

Ken Weller, Ps Haydn Roberts & Colin Woolls

Administration Team:

Thelma Bolsom, Sara-Jane Roberts & Mulongwe Mwelwa (Liaison – CU/Univ./Coll.)

Children & Youth Ministry Team:

We are in the process of forming a ministry team for children and youth with Jacob Scott, Jared & Lydia Harris, Anne Lewis & Mary Daunter.