Ministry Team

Our church members participate in serving and building church (the body of Christ) up according to God’s call and their spiritual gifts from the Lord (1 Cor 12, Rom 12 & Eph 4) as follows:

Word Ministry (Preaching & Teaching) Team:

Ps GJ Song, Ps Haydn Roberts, Ken Weller, Ann Roberts & Ps Paul Choi (CM)

Worship Team:

Anne Lewis & Junus Pan (CIC)

Intercession & Hospitality Team:

Ji-Hee Lee

Pastoral Visiting Team:

Colin Woolls, Anne Lewis, Mary Daunter & Ps Haydn Roberts

Prophetic Ministry Team:

Ken Weller, Ps Haydn Roberts & Colin Woolls

Administration Team:

Thelma Bolsom, Sara-Jane Roberts & Mulongwe Mwelwa (Liaison – CU/Univ./Coll.)

Safeguarding Coordinators:

Mulonwe Mwela & Sara-Jane Roberts (Deputy)

Children & Youth Ministry Team:

We are in the process of forming a ministry team for children and youth with Jacob Scott, Jared & Lydia Harris, Anne Lewis & Mary Daunter.